Friday, Sept 13
08:30 Arrival, registration, coffee and breakfast
09:30 Opening remarks
09:50 Nicole Sullivan: Keynote
10:25 Peter Gasston: Future CSS in Web Components
11:00 Ana-Maria Tudor: Maths-powered transforms for creating 3D shapes
11:30 Coffee break
11:50 Mike West: XSS. (No, the _other_ "S")
12:25 Harry Roberts: Normalising designs for better quality CSS
13:10 Lunch
14:30 Alex Sexton: Pooping out CSS
15:05 Razvan Caliman: Cutting-edge CSS features - Gaining control of Web Design
15:35 Coffee break
15:55 Rachel Nabors: Animation Studio Power Techniques with CSS
16:30 Shubhie Panicker: CSS module system in Google+
17:00 Longer coffee break with snacks + beer
17:45 Chris Eppstein: The Mind-blowing Power of Sass 3.3
18:20 Angelina Fabbro: CSS Levels Up
18:55 Closing remarks
19:05 Family photo
20:00 &yet after party
Saturday, Sept 14
JSConf EU - Day I – recommended event, not part of the ticket
Sunday, Sept 15
JSConf EU - Day II – recommended event, not part of the ticket
Schedule for Friday, Sept 13

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