Things to do & places to visit in Berlin

Want to take the chance and spend some days in Germany’s lovely capital? Here’s some information on things to explore, places to visit and food to eat during your stay. You’ll find all of them collected in one list for making it easier for you to find them and get there. We’re glad to welcome you in Berlin and wish you a pleasant stay!


Start your day with good food!

Sightseeing time!

There’s lots of things to see in Berlin. The most famous (and tourist-attracting) ones may be Brandenburg Gate with Reichstag close to it, Alexanderplatz and Fernsehturm, Berlin’s Dome and EastSide Gallery. These and many more can also be found on this list curated by Lonely Planet.

For getting your own impression of the town, we recommend just walking around a little, e.g. around Linienstrasse in Berlin-Mitte, Bergmannstrasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg, or you walk (or grab something to drink and sit) by the canal at Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Neukölln.

Berlin’s famous for being one of the greenest capitals in the world. If you feel in need for some wide space, why not take a walk in one of the nice parks (some large ones are listed here) or just take some (new) friends with you and visit Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin’s former airport that is now a beautiful park.

Coffee, tea, cakes and sandwiches

Vegetarian & vegan food

Berlin offers a wide range of meals, coffee specialities and cakes for vegetarians and vegans, even most “normal” cafés serve coffee with soy milk. Places for more than coffee:

Lunch spots

For a proper meal after a long day in town, try one of these locations:


If you love a good burger, visit one of these which we, after intensive review, state as our favourites:


Want to have some drinks and relax in the evening? Try one of these bars close to our venue:

Have a great stay in Berlin!