Announcing Angelina Fabbro

We’re excited to announce Angelina Fabbro as a speaker at! Her talk will explore where CSS is headed, take a look back at the history of the spec and forward to the exciting new features that are on the horizon. Angelina is a developer from Vancouver, Canada and works at Mozilla as a technical evangelist and developer advocate for Firefox OS.

If you haven’t seen it yet, also check out her great talk Inspector Web and the Mystery of the Shadow DOM from last year’s

Angelina Fabbro: CSS Levels Up

@angelinamagnum |

CSS2, CSS3, CSS…4? This talk will explore a little bit of CSS past and present, disambiguate some version terminology (levels? modules?), and then dive into potential CSS future. We’ll examine what the Level 4 specifications bring to the table and what those new features could mean for the future of web development. Selectors, media queries, backgrounds, images, and text all have fresh recommendations to improve the web ecosystem. We’ll explore a little of each so you can be thinking ahead. The current state of polyfills and shims will be discussed so that the brave can forge ahead. We will also touch upon how a specification eventually becomes a feature so that you can understand the development of CSS, as well as where to go to participate in the discussions shaping the web of the future.