Announcing Rachel Nabors and Peter Gasston

We’re excited to announce our next speakers: Rachel Nabors and Peter Gasston! Coming from a cartoonist background, Rachel will share techniques used by animation studios, and show you how to enhance your designs by using CSS transitions and animations. Peter will discuss one of the newest and hottest topics: Web Components. This talk will shed some light on what has already been labeled the future of web development.

Stay tuned for more speaker announcements later this week!

Rachel Nabors: Animation Studio Power Techniques with CSS

@rachelnabors |

Award winning cartoonist turned front-end developer Rachel Nabors will change how you think about web design forever. Learn how to make CSS do backflips to reproduce traditional animation techniques like walk cycles, scene transitions, and parallax. Save time and energy with conservative techniques like cut outs, pioneered by Japanese studios to accelerate the animation process. Understand the physics behind timing functions like ease-in to create subtle skeuomorphism. CSS animations and transitions are powerful new tools in the interactive design arsenal. With these babies at your command, all new possibilities for user experiences begin to unfold.

Peter Gasston: Future CSS in Web Components

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Web Components are set to revolutionise the way we create web pages, and a key role in that revolution will be played by CSS. Scoped styles and variables are vital to the reusability of content modules which Web Components bring, while more advanced proposals even allow the application of markup through style… This talk will introduce the core features of the future web – templates, custom elements and Shadow DOM – with a strong emphasis on new and repurposed CSS properties and capabilities.