Announcing Shubhie Panicker and Razvan Caliman

With talks by Shubhie Panicker and Razvan Caliman we have two more great additions to our line up. Shubhie will present a modular approach to managing CSS in large scale projects. Razvan will discuss how brand new CSS features put the designer in control of how websites look and behave across devices.

Expect more speaker announcements next week!

Shubhie Panicker: CSS module system in Google+


While module systems like AMD and CommonJS have become common place for Javascript, CSS has been lagging behind. Why modular CSS? In large scale apps managing CSS dependencies is cumbersome. Lack of granular CSS deps leads to pulling in unnecessary CSS on page render causing bloat. When refactoring code, the CSS order can change disfiguring the rendered page. Also, since it’s hard to know which CSS effects which parts of the page, all of the CSS is bundled together and downloaded at initialization, so the initial page load time is slowed down. This talk describes the new CSS dependency system in Google+. It improves end user latency by initially loading only a small set of CSS, and late loading CSS modules, as needed. It improves maintainability, making refactoring easier. Finally, the dependency system enables packaging HTML, CSS and Javascript together into distinct UI elements for reusability, and fewer wiring points boost developer productivity.

Razvan Caliman: Cutting-edge CSS features – Gaining control of Web Design

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New features in CSS allow designers to treat the web as a first-class design surface, just as they expect with other media. These features open up new design options such as – the ability to wrap and clip text around custom paths, better layout control for responsive design across different viewport sizes and the ability to blend together background images. During this talk, you will learn how CSS Shapes, CSS Regions and background blend modes can help create engaging user experiences and how to start using them now.