Announcing Ana-Maria Tudor and Mike West

Meet our next two speakers: Mike West and Ana-Maria Tudor. Mike will discuss security aspects of CSS, and Ana will show some of her mind-blowing examples of what can be done in CSS using math.

See one in action here:

Ana Tudor on CodePen

And here are their talk descriptions in full detail. More speaker announcements soon!

Mike West: XSS. (No, the _other_ "S")

@mikewest |

Cross-site scripting attacks are dangerous, and common enough that you’re all probably familiar with them. Unfortunately that last word, “scripting”, has ensured that our collective understanding of injection attacks remains fundamentally tied up with JavaScript. Cross-site _styling_ is actually more capable than you might expect; it’s quite possible to exfiltrate sensitive data (like passwords!) without any script at all. This talk will walk through some of the cleverly malicious activity that CSS makes possible, and discuss some mechanisms for mitigating the risk that your sites and applications might be effected.

Ana-Maria Tudor: Maths-powered transforms for creating 3D shapes

@thebabydino |

Transforms are incredibly powerful and immensely helpful when we want to create any kind of polygon starting from humble rectangles. Or when we want to take these polygonal shapes and assemble them into polyhedra. Or even when we want to create various 3D surfaces starting from nothing more than a curvy border. Understanding the mathematical reasoning behind these transforms allows you to achieve wonderful and visually stunning effects.