Announcing First Speakers – Alex Sexton and Harry Roberts

We are very happy to confirm our first two speakers: Alex Sexton (@slexaxton) and Harry Roberts (@csswizardry). We’re amazed by the amount and quality of the proposals we received. Expect more additions to the line-up soon!

Alex Sexton: Pooping out CSS

@slexaxton |

Just about everyone is using a CSS preprocessor these days. Some like them just for the variables, and others use all the crazy inline functions and whitespace significance features. They’re often treated as black boxes. My code goes in, and CSS comes out. This talk will be a deep dive into the digestive tract of your CSS preprocessor. Learn how your original code is parsed and stored, and then how that information is used to generate valid CSS. If there’s time, we’ll also talk about introducing parasites into your system for some interesting looking results!

Harry Roberts: Normalising designs for better quality CSS

@csswizardry |

It’s hard to deny that websites need to be well designed; a pleasing UI, a seamless and pleasant UX, and a great personality really encourage users to interact and enjoy using your site, product or service. However, the design is only one part of a finished product; your product is built on code, and oftentimes it is necessary to sacrifice certain aspects of a design in order to keep the codebase itself leaner, faster, and more enjoyable to work with. In this talk Harry aims to share some of his die-hard pragmatic approaches that he employs in order to push back on designs to produce far better quality code.